The Best Das Keyboards 2020


Why are Das Keyboards so damn good?

Das Keyboards are the BMW of the keyboard market. They are high end, robust, value for money German engineering. I’d be very surprised if they do not last through a lifetime of typing out emails, letters, essays and search queries! Das claims that its keyboards are designed to withstand 50 million key strokes, and you know what? I believe them!

Although these keyboards will cost you a fair few dollars, it’s well worth the money when you consider typing speed, comfort, and the satisfaction you get from using a tool with superior build quality.

They are built really really well (what you’d expect of a German brand) and they actually feel like you could jump up and down on it with a big pair of Timberlands and then put it back on your desk and start typing again. It’s what impresses me the most about Das Keyboards.

Made from a really slick looking slab of aluminium, Das Keyboards is the thinnest mechanical keyboard on the market today, which is no surprise when you look at it side on. It’s about an inch thick, which doesn’t sound that thin when you compare it to other devices that are out there like the Apple Mac keyboards, ipads, tablets etc, but compared to other brands of mechanical keyboards, they are the thinnest by far! The Kate Moss of keyboards.

Das Keyboards Background

2005 was the year that Daniel Guermeur set upon the quest to become faster and mor accurate in his own typing abilities. To do this he managed to get himself a completely blank keyboard, with no characters on it at all. After using the keyboard for just a few weeks, he was astonished to discover that his typing speed had doubled. After showing it to friends and colleagues, who also set about testing the keyboard, were also amazed by the improvement in their own typing skills, wanted one.

Daniel found a business opportunity with real potential. That was when he created Das Keyboards. From the initial concept, the keyboard then went on to be developed into the master stroke of engineering it is today, with precision and individually weighted keys and a solid aluminium chassis. Techno-elitists loved it as it gave them a way to differentiate themselves from other so called “techie” mortals. It’s also a big seller within the education sector as schools and universities looked for more effective ways to teach typing.

Who Are Das Keyboards Good For?

Das Keyboards are great for computer novices who want to learn how to type or for people who want to improve speed and accuracy of their typing. As I’ve mentioned before, the Dad Keyboard range is strong and robust, and is ideal for people who use their keyboards a lot!


The Best Das Keyboards On The Market

There are 8 Das Keyboard models out on the market and we have reviewed every single one of them. Please feel free to read the quick reviews below. If you want to read more on each on, click through to the extended review.

1. Das Keyboard 4C Ultimate

best das keyboard 4c ultimate

Yes that’s right, there’s absolutely no key inscriptions on the Das Keyboard 4C mechanical keyboard. As stated by Das, this keyboard is aimed at the “bad ass” typists and gaming enthusiasts. It’s sleek, robust and gives the user a very special typing experience. I’ve tried this keyboard out and although it’s quite weird not knowing what you are pressing until you see it on the screen, you do actually get used to it and find that you no longer look at the keyboard when you are typing!

You can really feel the quality of build when you use the Das 4C. It’s extremely effortless to use and the action on the keypad is phenomenal. Designed with high performance in mind, it has gold-plated mechanical key switches and is able to last 50 million keystrokes, which is an awful lot of pressing buttons!!!

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2. Das Keyboard 4C Professional

best das keyboard 4c professional

As you can see, this Das Keyboard has key inscriptions, but for me I prefer the look of the Das keyboard without inscriptions. Just my personal preference. Anyway, the Das Keyboard 4C Professional Compact Mechanical Keyboard is pretty much the same as the 4C Ultimate, except for the laser marked key inscriptions and the foot bar which enables you to raise the keyboard. Some say that this causes the keyboard to move around a bit on the desk, which I tend to disagree with, but it does feel a little less secure than the 4C ultimate, which doesn’t have the bar.

Also note that Das 4C Pro does not use brown cherry MX switches but are using Greetech switches, which I find are a little stiffer with the action. The keyboard itself is what you would expect of Das Keyboards, which is robust and sturdy with a great typing feel.


3. Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac

Best Das Keyboard 4 professional

It’s not just PC users that have the pleasure of using Das Keyboards. There’s versions for the Mac too! The Das Profession 4 has all the buttons are in the right places for Mac users, which means that the command key is next to the space bar and there’s the well used fn key! For those with the old macs with optical drives, there’s even an eject button. Very retro!

This is probably my favourite Das Keyboard as unlike the compact range, the 4 professional has clicky keyboard, with Cherry-style key-switches, which makes for a better feel when using the keys. Another cool feature that I like is the N-Key rollover over USB, which has a magnetic foot-bar (like the compact pro) that raises up the back of the keyboard. I also love the fact that it has a big old volume dial in the top right of the keyboard, which is much better to use than trying to turn down the volume via the tiny volume control buttons.

The one thing that could make or break it for you when it comes to purchasing the Das Keyboard 4 Pro is the size of the beast. When you compare it to the compact, its a big difference in size.


4. Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate

best das keyboard 4 ultimate


5. Das Keyboard 4 Professional

Best Das Keyboard 4 professional

Metadot / Das Keyboards are completely obsessive about the action and feel of a keyboard button when it is pressed. It’s also an obsession with serious gamers, writers and programmers who demand a high quality of keyboard purely down to the amount of hours they spend on them.

With the Das Keyboard 4 Professional, you can clearly see the results of Metadot’s relentless quest for perfection in this aspect of keyboard design and manufacturing. Also the aluminium surface on the new 4 series makes for a sturdier and firmer feel, almost like your fingertips are resting on a nice comfy sofa. For me, the heavy aluminium body installs a lot of confidence in my typing skills and I find I’m typing quicker in just a matter of hours of usage.



6. Das Model S Ultimate



7. Das Model S Professional


With its far superior and satisfying typing experience, comes the nosy buttons and huge clunky appearance. It’s very much like using an old fashioned IBM keyboard with its tactile buttons and loud typing noise. But with its many old school features comes a keyboard that is truly a joy to use and has some very modern features like media-control keys and a dual USB port.

Yes it’s minimal in all aspects on design and functionality, but the Das S Professional is like a fine wine. A typing connoisseur would love this keyboard, due to the action of the buttons and the fact that each key is like a lovely comfy armchair for your finger tips.


8. Das Model S Professional For Mac