Best Ducky Keyboard For Gaming – 2023 Reviews

When it comes to gaming, nothing beats the tactile response of an old-fashioned mechanical keyboard from Ducky. These days, keyboard design is focused more on compactness and minimalist aesthetics. While those low-profile keyboards certainly have their perks, they don’t offer much in the gaming arena.

Ducky aims to give gamers the experience they’re after. The brand offers a nice collection of keyboard with that old-school mechanical action.

These aren’t the same keyboards from decades past. While they use familiar technology, Ducky keyboards are anything but outdated. Ducky creates devices that are geared toward modern gamers. So, you can expect to get a solid keyboard with impressive looks to match its performance.


Best Ducky Keyboard For Gaming – Comparison Table



Ducky One 2 Mini RGB LED 60% Double Shot PBT Mechanical KeyboardDoubleshot PBT keycaps

Cherry MX Red switches

RGB LED lights
4.7 out of 5

Ducky One 2 Skyline KeyboardMulti Double Shot PBT

Full Size

Cherry MX Blue
4.7 out of 5

Ducky One 2 Mini Mecha KeyboardPBT Doubleshot keys

Comes with a red Enter key and custom spacebar

Cherry MX Brown switches
3.9 out of 5

Ducky One 2 Mini Cherry Switch Mechanical KeyboardSize (H x W x D) mm: 302 x 108 x 40

Body weight: 590g
Sequence: English sequence

Interface: USB
4 out of 5

Ducky Miya Pro Rainbow White KeyboardCherry MX Blue key switches

White PBT keycaps with dye-sub printing

Rainbow-colored printing
5 out of 5


Who Are Ducky?

Modern mechanical keyboards are nothing new to gamers. Thanks to the impressive typing experience these gadgets provide, many brands have capitalized on the classic design. Logitech and Razer, for example, utilize mechanical switches in many of their products in an effort to appeal to gamers.

Ducky is a relatively new company that has managed to develop a solid reputation among gamers and PC builders alike. The Ducky keyboard brand is the brainchild of the manufacturer, Ducky Channel.

Ducky Channel has some deeply rooted history in the tech world. The manufacturing company was originally founded in 1998 and saw some success in creating high-quality PC peripherals. However, things changed in 2008 when the Ducky line was born.

The Ducky brand was founded in 2008 and quickly became one of the most sought-after mechanical keyboards in the world. Based in Taiwan, Ducky makes and designs all of its own keyboards.

Rather than relying on third-party manufacturers, Ducky does most of the work in-house. This contributes, in large part, to its success within the industry. Because Ducky manages every part of the manufacturing process from design to application, quality control is top-notch. The only component sourced from another brand is the switches, which are all from Cherry MX.

The brand has won several awards. It’s also created partnerships with businesses in over 30 different countries. As a result, Ducky is a global brand that servers gamers everywhere.

Ducky keyboards have only become more popular in recent years. With the rise of online streaming and competitive gaming, more and more people are looking for solidly built equipment. While the brand’s products certainly appeal to all types of computer users, Ducky has become a brand that’s synonymous with gaming thanks to wide praise from established streamers like Tfue.


What’s So Good About Their Keyboards?

Ultimately, what makes Ducky keyboards so great is the construction. Ducky utilizes some advanced manufacturing techniques to create solid keyboards that are built to last.

Keyboard performance needs largely depend on personal preference. But Ducky makes it easy to achieve the desired experience.

While other brands focus on gimmicks and unnecessary extras, Ducky is all about providing you with a good foundation that will outlive your PC. You can easily customize your new peripheral however you want. The brand makes most of its products available with a wide range of Cherry MX switches. Whether you want that “clicky” feel from Cherry MX blue switches or the smooth response from Cherry MX red switches, Ducky has you covered.

Another cool thing about Ducky mechanical keyboards is the overall design and flexibility. Ducky offers a slew of beautiful designs that can complement your setup. There are styles to suit anyone’s desired aesthetic. The brand even makes some limited edition lines with custom fonts and artwork.

That’s not all. Ducky allows you to customize the look of your keyboard with custom keycaps. All of the keys are designed to be replaced easily. Not only does the brand sell keys with distinct patterns, but they even have tools to help you get the job done. Many keyboards come with spare keys in the box, too.


What Features Can You Expect?

There are several reasons why Ducky keyboards have become so popular. They have a lot to offer in terms of durability, flexibility, and performance.

Quality Materials

The first thing you’ll notice about Ducky keyboards is the attention to detail and impeccable build quality. All of the keycaps are made out of PBT. Short for polybutylene terephthalate, this material is one of the best for keyboards.

Unlike cheaper materials like ABS, PBT is incredibly resilient. It holds up well heat and chemicals, which improves the overall longevity of the product. Ducky uses PBT exclusively, even for keycap sets and spare spacebars.

Doubleshot keycaps are available as well. These are made with two layers of PBT, ensuring that the symbols don’t degrade over time.

The brand also offers a good selection of keyboards that use dye-sub technology. Reserved for peripherals that aren’t backlit, this technology improves visibility of the key symbols. Essentially, the symbols are all laser-engraved into the PBT material. Then, a dye is used to fill the void. It’s much more durable than traditional screen printing.

Compact Footprint

Mechanical keyboards aren’t exactly known for being the most compact devices. However, Ducky has managed to maintain a slim profile for most of its keyboards without sacrificing comfort.

The brand offers several configurations. You can get a full keyboard with a numerical pad or a TKL model. Either way, the mechanical keyboards are made with no wasted space.

Thanks to the lack of unnecessary features, keyboards don’t take up a ton of room. Plus, they all use a detachable USB-C cord.

All units also have customizable risers. You can choose from multiple levels to achieve the most comfort possible.

Cherry MX Switches

As we mentioned early, Cherry MX switches are used for all of the keyboards. Most models are available with switches to meet your needs.

If you want a linear switch, you can get Cherry MX black switches. These are the most common and are often used by gamers who don’t want the keys to click.

Brown switches are available, too. Cherry MX brown switches are known for being one of the most versatile options. They have a subtle click and tactile bump. They’re typically used by those who need a multi-purpose keyboard for both gaming and typing.

Next up, there’s Cherry MX blue. The blue switches are very tactile and have that iconic click. They can be loud, but gamers love them due to the audible feedback.

Cherry MX red switches offer a linear, non-tactile experience. The red switches used on Ducky keyboards are very smooth. They’re quite fast, making them perfect for gaming.

Finally, there are the Cherry MX silent red switches. Similar in feel to traditional red switches, the silent red switches don’t produce as much noise as some other options. They’re ideal for streamers or anyone else who needs to keep the noise down.

Custom Lighting

Looking to liven up your gaming space? Ducky offers many keyboards with RGB lighting. LEDs built into the base of the keyboard shine through the keyboards. Not only do they look great, but they improve visibility in the dark.

Ducky has lighting software to help you customize the experience. With just a few clicks, you can adjust the RGB LEDs to show the colors you want.

N Rollover

There’s nothing worse than dealing with keystrokes that weren’t registered. This is a common problem with cheaper keyboards. When you’re gaming, every stroke counts.

Ducky solves this issue with N-key rollover. Each key is scanned independently. No matter how many keys you press at one time, the keyboard will accurately detect it and produce the corresponding response.

Why Buy a Ducky Keyboard For Gaming?

Ducky keyboards are high-quality computer peripherals that are built to last. The manufacturers have gone to great lengths to ensure that every device is made with the top-notch quality you’re looking for. From a performance standpoint, the keyboards offer the responsiveness you need for gaming. No matter what type of gamer you are, you can’t go wrong with a Ducky keyboard.


Ducky Gaming Keyboard Reviews

Ducky One 2 Mini Mechanical Keyboard

If you’re looking for a simple and compact keyboard, check out the One 2 Mini. It’s a tenkeyless keyboard with a low-profile bezel. On the bottom of the keyboard, you’ll find double-layered feet that let you adjust your gaming angle as you see fit.

The coolest part of this gaming keyboard is the lighting system. Each key is backlit with RGB LEDs that you can adjust to meet your needs. You can choose from many different light patterns, set brightness levels, and even adjust the speed of the light show.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Doubleshot PBT keycaps
  • 61-key TKL keyboard
  • Cherry MX Red switches
  • 10 RGB LED lighting modes
  • USB type-c cord
  • Comes with 10 extra colored keycaps


Ducky One 2 SF Mechanical Keyboard

The Ducky One 2 SF keyboard offers the same low-profile design. The keys are all backlit with customizable RGB lighting. This particular keyboard has 65 keys. In addition to the standard layout, you’re getting full arrow keys and a few different dedicated function keys.

Because this isn’t a full-sized keyboard, Ducky improved the functionality of the keys that are included. Each keycap has a side-printed symbol to indicate alternative capabilities. For example, the top row of number keys doubles as the function keys. It’s a unique feature that helps to keep the footprint of the keyboard small without sacrificing functionality.

Key Features and Specs:

  • 65-key TKL keyboard
  • Cherry MX Brown switches
  • Multi-functional keys
  • Comes with red Enter key
  • Double-layer feet
  • RGB LED lighting


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Ducky One 2 Mini RGB LED 60% Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

This Ducky gaming keyboard offers tons of functionality in a small package. It’s a mini RGB keyboard with a fully integrating lighting system. Like the rest of Ducky’s lineup, you can easily customize the lights to match your setup.

The keys are all built to last. PBT doubleshot keys are used for durability. As always, you can replace the keycaps as you please. The bezel design is dual-colored, making it work great with any keycap colorway. Like the previous product, the existing keys have additional commands engraved on the side for increased functionality.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Doubleshot PBT keycaps
  • Cherry MX Red switches
  • RGB LED lights
  • 3-level adjustable feet
  • TKL design


Ducky One 2 Skyline Keyboard

Another nice option from Ducky is the Skyline keyboard that features caps in dark shades of black and gray along with some bright pops of blue. The blue caps help you find the right keys that you need in the middle of a gaming session. Though it does not have a backlit display, this full-size keyboard has a larger design that helps you feel comfortable when typing or surfing the web as well as gaming. Thanks to the Cherry MX Red switches, the keys respond as quickly as you want and let you press the right combo without any lags. You just need a free USB port to use the Skyline with your system.




Ducky One 2 Mini Mecha Keyboard

The Mecha Mini keyboard is a slim device that utilizes brown Cherry MX switches. Measuring less than 12 inches in width, the gaming keyboard is very compact. There are no arrow keys or dedicated function keys.

However, like other Ducky models, this unit has multifunctional keys. All of the keys have symbols printed on the side to create macros, assign functions, and more. The keys are all doubleshot for durability. Plus, they’re made out of the tough PBT material.

Key Features and Specs:

  • PBT Doubleshot keys
  • Comes with a red Enter key and custom spacebar
  • Cherry MX Brown switches
  • 1000 Hz polling rate
  • Integrated LED lighting


Ducky One 2 Mini Cherry Switch Mechanical Keyboard

The 61 caps found on this Ducky keyboard relate to the strokes and actions that you need to take in all of your favorite games. This includes the function caps located across the top of the board along with letter caps in a QWERTY layout that helps you strike them without looking down. That layout also follows the English system. Beneath the caps are switches that help you strike multiple keys to perform actions without seeing any lags or ghosts in your game. This mechanical gaming keyboard also has a rainbow effect that many like. You can see all the colors come through in a rainbow design due to the backlit display.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Size (H x W x D) mm: 302 x 108 x 40
  • Body weight: 590g
    Sequence: English sequence
  • Interface: USB



Ducky Miya Pro Rainbow White Keyboard

Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, the Miya Pro Rainbow keyboard is certainly a sight to behold. It’s a beautifully designed mechanical gaming keyboard. All of the keycaps are printed with multi-colored symbols using dye-sub technology. As a result, they’re tough enough to last.

Ducky also added some custom-printed keys to further cement the rainbow aesthetics. Both the spacebar and the escape key have whimsical artwork. While no RGB lighting is included, the keys are backlit with white LEDs for visibility.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Cherry MX Blue key switches
  • White PBT keycaps with dye-sub printing
  • Rainbow-colored printing
  • Custom spacebar
  • White LED backlighting


Ducky Miya Pro Sakura Keyboard

Here’s another keyboard that pays homage to Ducky’s culture. It’s a compact TKL keyboard with a distinct cherry blossom design. The primary letter and number keys are all made out of white PBT and feature pink printing. However, the surrounding keys are all a complementary shade of pink. The spacebar features a high-resolution print of a cherry blossom tree branch.

From a performance perspective, this keyboard offers the same responsive switches as all of Ducky’s products. This model is available with many different Cherry MX switches, allowing you to get the tactile response you’re after.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Cherry MX Blue switches
  • PBT keys with dye-sub printing
  • Pink LED backlighting
  • Cherry blossom design
  • TKL mechanical gaming keyboard
  • Available with Blue, Black, Red, Silent Red, and Silver switches


Ducky One 2 Mini Pure White Mechanical Keyboard

This Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard has a clean white appearance that’s hiding a few secrets. When not in use, the keyboard looks like your average white-key device. The keys are all made out of doubleshot PBT for durability.

When you turn your computer on, the keyboard comes to life with vibrant LED light. As always, the lighting can be customized with the Ducky software. The keyboard comes with a handful of complementary colored keys and an extra spacebar. The extra spacebar has a clear design that works well with the LED lights.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Compact TKL mechanical gaming keyboard
  • RGB LED lighting effects
  • Doubleshot PBT keys
  • Full key rollover
  • TKL mechanical gaming keyboard
  • Available with Brown, Blue, and Red switches



It’s not difficult to see why Ducky is such a beloved brand. The products they produce are beautifully made. They’re a unique addition to the mechanical keyboard market.

Good looks aside, Ducky keyboards offer a superb gaming experience. Thanks to the quality construction and trusted Cherry MX switches, these keyboards will transform the way you play. Give one of these keyboards a shot! You won’t regret it.