Best Extended Mouse Pad Buyers Guide For 2020

For the average PC user, mouse pads are not a priority accessory. As long as the surface is smooth, most modern mice will work just fine on them. But that will not fly in the ultra-competitive world of PC gaming. Extended mouse pads are must-haves if you want to take your performance to the next level in gaming. Read on to learn more about what makes the best extended mouse pad and why you should buy one if you are a PC gamer.


Extended Mouse Pad Buyers Guide

What are extended mouse pads?

Standard mouse pads are usually small square or rectangular shaped surfaces, large enough to house an optical or laser mouse. They are designed to sit next to the keyboard. But an extended mousepad has a more elongated shape. In fact, it is large enough to house both the mouse and keyboard.


What is the purpose of an extended mouse pad?

The whole purpose of the larger surface area is to give the mouse more room to move. For regular PC tasks, you only need to move a mouse for short distances. But in gaming, you will find yourself in situations where you have to move or drag the mouse for longer distances, at different angles, and with split-second timing. With a larger mouse pad, you can do this without having to worry about the mouse going over the edge of the pad.


How to pick the best extended mouse pad

Performance, reliability, and comfort are the three main factors you have to keep in mind when shopping for an extended mouse pad. Consider the following aspects before you make a purchase:



Extended mousepads come in different sizes, going all the way up to XXL and XXXL. Different genres of games have varying requirements regarding mouse movements. For instance, in RTS games, you will often have to focus the camera on another section of the game map. FPS games generally involve a quick change of directions to focus on different targets.

Most gamers will benefit from having a mouse pad that is larger than the standard size. The rest depends mainly on your space limitations. If you have space, buy the biggest pad for maximum room for your mouse.


Modern laser mice can work on both matte and glossy surfaces. The texture of the pad will have a direct impact on the movement speed and accuracy of your mouse. Smoother the pad surface, the faster your mouse movements will be. But if you want to focus more on precision and accuracy, some slight texturing can have a positive effect.


There are no alternatives as far as the base of a mouse pad is concerned. You should only buy pads with non-slip bases. And as a matter of fact, you will be hard-pressed to find a gaming mouse pad that does not have this vital feature! Non-slip bottoms allow the pad to stay rock solid, allowing you to make quick and accurate mouse movements.


It is all too easy to get lost in gaming, sinking hours and hours in front of the screen. Gaming may seem like a very sedentary activity (and it is, relatively speaking!), but marathon sessions can still exert a lot of stress on the body, mainly on your hands and wrists. If you want some protection against this, look for pads with some form of wrist protection. Gaming pads often sport features as padded wrist rests for this very purpose.


When you spend a lot of time in front of your PC, the chances are high that you keep beverages and snacks close to you. So there is always a risk of liquid spills and leftovers clogging your mouse pads. It would be a wise option to pick pads that are easy to clean and maintain. Most of the best extended mouse pad models come with waterproof coating.


Gaming is one area where design and appearance matter quite a bit, as far as manufacturers are concerned. A significant section of PC gamers require products that look flashy and cool. If you belong to this category, you can always find quality mouse pads with design elements that add an edge to your whole gaming rig. And if you don’t care about looks, there are still products with minimalist looks out there.


Gaming accessories often require serious investment, especially at the higher end of the quality & performance range. Thankfully, mouse pads tend to be an exception to this rule. Most products are priced under $20, and even the high-end variants can be had for around $50 or so.


 Top Ten Best Extended Mouse Pad Reviews

Glorious Extended White Gaming Mouse Mat – XXL

The appropriately named Glorious PC Gaming Race brand has one of the most popular gaming mats on sale online. This particular variant has a smooth cloth surface that provides an excellent balance between speed and control.

With dimensions of 36x11x0.12 inches, this XXL mouse pad is large enough to house a full-size keyboard with plenty of room for the mouse. And you also get a thick non-slip rubber base for rock-solid stability during gaming sessions.

The mat also scores a lot of points on the durability front, thanks to a high quality stitched frame. This prevents any potential fraying of the edges, increasing the longevity of the mouse pad. The stitching also gives this minimalistic mouse pad a clean look.

It is available in white and black colors, with a plain and mature design. The manufacturer logo is also quite discreet, which will please gamers who like the whole understated look. Maintenance is also hassle-free as this is a pad that can be machine washed.





Reflex Lab Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad – XXL

If you like your gaming mouse pads oversized and with a smooth surface, you will appreciate this offering from Reflex Lab. Measuring around 36×12 inches, this pad is equal to three standard sized mouse pads. It will comfortably hold a keyboard, mouse, and a few other desk items as well!

The ultra smooth surface is perfect for gamers who want minimum resistance and maximum movement speed. If quick response times are what you need, the Reflex Labs pad is a solid choice. At 5mm, this pad is nearly 50% thicker than ordinary mousepads. You can expect a plush and comfortable gaming experience from this pad,

The pad also has the usual features you expect from a high-end gaming pad, like waterproof coating and anti-slip rubber back cover. This is one product that is guaranteed not to slip around, thanks to a heavy-duty rubber backing.

Professional grade stitching around the edges ensures a clean look and also increases the durability of the mouse pad. And if you do get any spills on this pad, they can be easily cleaned in a washing machine. Reflex Lab pads are also available in red, white and blue colors.





Corsair MM300 Gaming Mouse Pad

The name Corsair needs no introduction in the gaming accessories and components market. The MM300 is a gaming pad that prioritizes precision and control, with a specially designed textile weave pattern on the surface. The cloth surface will work well with both optical and laser mice.

This is an extended mouse pad, with approximate dimensions of 36X12 inches. It is quite large and roomy enough for a full-size keyboard and mouse. You get standard features like machine washability and an anti-skid base as well. You don’t have to worry about any peeling or fraying at the edges, thanks to the precise stitching that surrounds the pad.

As far as looks as concerned, this is the first mouse pad on our list with an edge to it. The surface has a worn metallic grey design, with sharp black design elements in the corners. It is a significant upgrade on a plain blank surface. The color also hides dust better than a plain black or white design.





Vipamz Extended Gaming Mouse Pad – XXL

If you want an affordable gaming mousepad with minimalist looks, this XXL pad from Vipamz is an excellent choice. The pad has the standard 36×12 inch measurements. The pad is made from thick cloth with additional padding that improves comfort as well as overall stability.

The plain black surface is quite smooth, offering decent speed and accuracy during gaming sessions. This Vipamz pad has all class-standard features like waterproof coating, anti-fray stitching on the edges, and a thick non-slip rubber base.

Another great thing about this mouse pad is a different color and design options available. Plain blue, red, and white variants are available for those who want a splash of color on their desk. And if you need something different, there is even a pad with a detailed world map design on the surface.





Pecham Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

This Pecham mouse pad is for those who don’t need the longest XXL mouse pad out there. The width is a standard 12 inches, but the length of this mousepad has been cut short by a good six inches, making it ideal for those surfaces that cannot house a full-sized XXL mouse pad.

Even with the shorter length, this pad can still hold a mouse and keyboard with plenty of room to spare. So you don’t have to worry about your mouse going over the edge of the pad while gaming.

The tracking surface has been kept extra smooth, for effortless movement. The mouse simply glides along the plain black exterior, with heaps of control and accuracy. Spilled drinks can be cleaned easily, thanks to a durable waterproof coating.

The pad is machine washable and has a stitched finish for extra longevity. The thick anti-slip rubber base is also included for superb stability. The plain black mousepad has a sober and minimalist design, with the company logo discreetly printed in white in a corner.





Redragon Gaming Mouse Pad P018

The P018 is a full-size XXL extended gaming mouse pad from Redragon. This is the largest sized variant from the company, with a lot of space for a full sized keyboard and mouse. The surface is made from high-density silk, with an extra-smooth finish for maximum speed.

Tracking performance of the mice is also improved, thanks to a design that incorporates light reflecting points within the surface. This multi-layer mouse pad surface is designed to work with both optical and laser mice.

As far as looks are concerned, the black-grey stone/ ice pattern looks quite good. And there is a splash of color in the corner, with the company logo printed in bright red. The foam rubber base is quite stable and also provides a fair bit of cushioning support for your wrist.

The edges are all securely stitched, and the waterproof coating on the surface ensures that any spills can be easily dealt with. For easy maintenance, this pad comes with support for machine washing.





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Razer Goliathus Control Precision Gaming Mouse Pad – Gravity

Razer branded products have a distinctive neon green look that makes them easily recognizable. And the Goliathus mousepad also gets the neon treatment on the surface, making it a perfect choice for gamers who already have other Razer gaming equipment on their desk.

The Goliathus is a cloth pad, with a micro-textured finish. This is a mousepad for gamers who prioritize precision, accuracy, and control over pure speed. For those who need a smoother surface. Razer has another variant called Goliathus Speed.

The cloth weave also gives quite a bit of padded comfort to your wrists during extended gaming sessions. With Razer, you can always expect peripherals that sync with other Razer products and the Goliathus pad is no exception. It pairs up nicely with Razer gaming Keyboards and mice. If you have a Razer mouse, you can use their Razer Synapse platform to calibrate it for optimum performance on this pad.

There are several neon patterns to choose from here. And you also get all the regular features like stitching, anti-slip base, and the works. This is an excellent option for serious gamers.





Liebird Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

In an arena where every manufacturer provides virtually the same feature list, it can be quite hard to stand out. The Liebird tries to do that by giving some advanced customization options. It is one of the few extended mouse pads on this list that allows you to add your design to the surface.

If that is not your thing, you can opt for either the plain black/blue finishes or several cool looking world map designs. As far as the size is concerned, this XXL pad measures 30 inches in length and 11 inches in width. This is yet another cloth padded mat, and the surface is smooth enough for easy mouse movements.

The padding also offers decent levels of comfort and cushioning for your wrists. The edges are stitched, and yes, you do get a heavy rubber anti-slip base at the bottom. The pad is easy to maintain and can be cleaned by machine washing.





HyperX Fury S Pro Gaming Mouse Pad – HX-MPFS-XL

The HyperX is a precision gaming mouse pad with a textured cloth finish. The surface is densely woven, and the texture is excellent for gamers who need superior control and accuracy. This is the Black edition. For those who need a smoother surface, HyperX has another model in the Fury series, called Speed.

The edges of the HyperX Fury S pad feature seamless stitching that enhances the comfort as well as overall durability of this pad. The underside has a textured rubber coating for maximum stability. The Black edition has a minimalist all black design with the brand logo in red in a corner. The Speed edition is a bit more flashy, with red nova patterns on a black background.

The Fury S is available in four different sizes, of which the XL is the largest at 36×16 inches. This pad is a few inches wider than most XXL pads, which means that you get some extra space to move your mouse around.





Kupx Thick extended Edition Cloth Gaming Mouse Mat

When you look at the Kupx Thick extended mouse mat, the two elements that readily catch your attention is the thickness of the pad and the brightly colored edges. The fabric of this mouse pad is really thick and offers maximum support and padding for your hands and wrist support. The sides are stitched and are available in bright primary colors.

The dimensions of this mouse pad are somewhat unusual for an XXL pad. It has the standard 12-inch width, but it is way shorter than other XXL pads at just 23 inches. But still, it should be a good choice for gamers who do not have space on their workstations to accommodate a full size 36-inch long extended mouse pad.

The mat doesn’t slip thanks to the rubber padding, and the edges are not prone to fraying either. With a simple plain design and logos, this is an excellent option for gamers who want an understated addition to their workstation.





Hcman XXL Extended Led RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Mousepad with Non-Slip Rubber Base

At 800 mm x 300 mm x 4 mm, the RGB LED lit Gaming Mouse Pad from Hcman is a very large mouse pad and very comfortable. With smooth braided micro-textured surface material and stitched edges, it is also made to last. Built into this incredibly smooth mouse mat are 10 RGB lighting modes:

  • Rainbow breathing
  • Red, Purple, Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow
  • Flowing Circling Motion,
  • Colorful Circling Motion
  • The last mode setting is ‘off” if you

While this extended mouse pad pairs up nicely with it’s other family member, the Hcman backlit mechanical keyboard, it is also compatible with all types of keyboard and gaming mice combinations. It is powered via USB and does not require batteries or drivers to operate. With it’s large size and high-performance, this RGB mouse pad is very accommodating. You can count this in the best mouse pads out there today.