Best RK ROYAL KLUDGE Mechanical Keyboards Reviews – 2020 Edition

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, mechanical keyboards are a must-have accessory that can take the gaming experience to a whole new level. While traditional OEM keyboards can certainly serve their purpose, they don’t provide the tactile response you need to play at your best. Even typists and creative professionals can take advantage of the unique feel that mechanical keyboards provide.

There’s no shortage of mechanical gaming keyboard manufacturers out there, one brand has become increasingly popular among the community in recent years. RK Royal Kludge has developed a solid reputation for creating great mechanical keyboards that meet the unique needs of gamers around the world.

They might not have the global recognition like some other brands out there, but RK Royal Kludge is well on its way.


Who Are RK Royal Kludge?

RK Royal Kludge is a relative newcomer in the mechanical keyboard realm. The company was only recently established in 2014. However, that hasn’t stopped them from making quite the splash in the market.

The brand is based in China. The parent company, Jinghen Tennngwei Trading Company, has been around long before RK Royal Kludge. It is a renowned manufacturing company with a long history of producing computer peripherals for the Chinese market. In 2014, the manufacturing company decided to create a separate brand devoted to the mechanical keyboard market. As a result, RK Royal Kludge was born.

In just a few years, the brand has earned a loyal following around the globe.


What Kind of Experience Does RK Royal Kludge Have with Keyboards?

This brand is not like others. Many companies offer mechanical gaming keyboards as an extra accessory to accompany another major product. With RK Royal Kludge, these keyboards are the brand’s bread and butter.

A professional research and development team works tirelessly to come up with new designs that meet the unique needs of gamers. Everything from the keyboard layout to convenient features helps these keyboards standout.

Another unique aspect of RK Royal Kludge is that the company can manage every step of the design and manufacturing process. From molding the spacebars to installing the LED backlighting, RK Royal Kludge takes care of it all. Most of the components are molded and assembled in-house, ensuring that you’re getting the quality you’re after.

The main component that the brand outsources is the switches. Luckily, the keyboards are equipped with some of the very best in the business. A majority of the hardware uses Cherry MX switches. The brand offers keyboards with a variety of Cherry MX switches to give you the customized experience you’re after.

In addition to Cherry MX key switches, the RK Royal Kludge also offers electrostatic capacitive switches. They offer a similar old-school typing experience. However, they tend to be a bit quieter than traditional Cherry hardware.

Regardless of the switch you choose, you can expect to get quality hardware that’s built to last.


What Features Can You Expect?

RK Royal Kludge’s keyboards, while designed with gamers in mind, are flexible enough to be used by anyone. Here are some great features you can expect when you invest in a product from this bestseller.

Durable Keycaps

Most people don’t give the quality of the keycaps a second thought. However, the construction methods and materials used can have a huge effect on overall durability. Your keyboard is going to be put through a lot of wear and tear. This is especially true if you’re a dedicated gamer.

Luckily, RK Royal Kludge has you covered. The brand uses PBT for most of its keycaps. PBT is a thermoplastic polymer that’s thick and rugged. It can last for years to come without any damage. To improve durability even more, keys are made using a doubleshot molding technique. Essentially, two layers of PBT are molded into one. This eliminated the need for external printing, keeping the symbols safe from chemical damage and fading.

LED Backlighting

What gaming setup is complete without a good RGB mechanical gaming keyboard? RGB lighting adds a fun touch to your gaming setup. RK Royal Kludge offers products with customizable LED backlighting. An LED-backlit keyboard creates a colorful light show on your desk. Plus, they work well with a complementary gaming mouse or mouse pad.

Wireless Capabilities

Typically, gaming keyboards connect to your PC or Mac with a USB cable. It’s quick, convenient, and reduces latency. But what if you want a bit more freedom? Many of the keyboards offered by RK Royal Kludge have built-in wireless capabilities. They can be used in wired mode whenever you’re sitting on your desk. Or, you can switch to wireless Bluetooth when you want to take your keyboard with you on the go.

RK Royal Kludge uses the latest Bluetooth technology to reduce latency and improve input response. That’s not all. Bluetooth mode is compatible with different types of devices. We’ll get into that in a bit.

Responsive Switches

As we mentioned earlier, RK Royal Kludge offers several different options. There are capacitive switches, which are great for office settings, and traditional mechanical switches. Cherry MX are the switches of choice. You can choose from several different Cherry MX switch colors. Each one has its own unique feel. The most common are red, blue, and brown.

Red switches are quite popular because they offer a responsive feel without going overboard. If you want that iconic “clicky” sound, blue switches are the way to go. They are very tactile. Finally, there are brown switches. Brown Cherry MX switches are a nice middle ground between red and blue.

Multi-Device Capabilities

The coolest thing about RK Royal Kludge keyboards is that you can connect up to three different devices at one time. You’re not just limited to your gaming PC. You can establish a wireless connection to a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. The system is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
Best of all, you can effortlessly switch through your devices to increase your productivity. The keyboards are programed to switch in seconds by pressing the function key. When you press Fn with Q/W/E, you’re able to change where your key inputs go. It’s a unique feature that not too many keyboards offer.

Why Buy One?

As you can see, RK Royal Kludge has a lot to offer in terms of performance and functionality. Truth is, these keyboards are more feature-rich than most OEM keyboards you get with a computer. Thanks to the many available switches and dual-mode functionality, your new keyboard can do more than you ever thought. Plus, the brand’s products are all well-designed to match your style.


Best RK ROYAL KLUDGE Mechanical Keyboards Reviewed

RK Royal Kludge RK61 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

This wireless keyboard offers some cool looks with plenty of great functionality. It’s a compact keyboard with 61 keys. The keys layout is ergonomic and convenient, ensuring that the smaller size doesn’t affect the way you play.

Brown Cherry MX switches are used beneath each keycap. They are tactile, but not as noisy as some of the alternatives. One convenient feature is the wireless connectivity. The dual-mode keyboard can be used with many devices at once. Pressing Fn+E or Fn+W lets you switch through devices in seconds.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Compact design with 61 keys
  • Backlit with colored LED
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cherry MX Brown switches
  • Comes with Micro USB cable




RK Royal Kludge G87RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Checkout this colorful model filled with lights. LED lights can be found throughout the keyboard. Not only are they backlighting the keys, but they’re also on the sides for an added touch of fun. In total, there are 17 RGB modes to choose from.

This RGB mechanical keyboard is completely wireless. Depending on the operating mode you choose, you can get up to 800 hours of use in one charge.

Key Features and Specs:

  • 87 keys
  • 17 RGB backlight modes
  • Available with Cherry MX Blue, Red, Black, and Brown switches
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Up to 800 hours of standby time




RK Royal Kludge Sink87G Keyboard

Here’s a Bluetooth keyboard that can be used in several ways. If you want to operate in wireless mode, you can use the device up to 10 meters away without having to worry about latency. Alternatively, you can plug the keyboard in for continuous pattern.

It’s an RGB backlit keyboard, allowing you to customize the look of your setup. There’s also a macro system built right in. Simple shortcuts like Fn+Q can be used to perform complex functions with only a couple of keystrokes.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Compact TKL keyboard with 87 keys
  • Low-latency Bluetooth
  • Uses Cherry MX Brown switches
  • On-board macro settings
  • RGB backlight
  • Comes with a detachable USB cable




RK Royal Kludge RK61 Mechanical Keyboard

Looking for a clean and minimalist look? Consider this white Bluetooth gaming keyboard. When it’s not on, the accessory offers staunch white looks. However, RGB lights bring the peripheral to life when you get things running.

Like related products from RK Royal Kludge, this accessory can be used in many different ways. It has a wired connection for simplicity and Bluetooth capabilities for convenience. There’s also a dual-operation mode and quick switching.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Ultra-compact design with 61 keys
  • Connects to multiple devices
  • Dual-operation mode
  • Available with Cherry MX Brown, Blue, and Red switches
  • 18 RGB backlight modes
  • Bluetooth connectivity




RK Royal Kludge RK71 Keyboard

This model manages to keep things clean and compact while giving you all the keys you need. It doesn’t have a full numerical keypad, but you do get arrow keys and several function keys. To pick up your input, brown Cherry MX switches are used.

If you’re a power user and want to connect to multiple devices at once, this keyboard is for you. It’s capable of connecting to 6 devices at once!

Key Features and Specs:

  • 71 keys with a compact design
  • Can connect to up to 6 devices at once
  • Uses Cherry MX Brown switches
  • Can be used with or without wire
  • 360 hours of battery standby time
  • Key rollover and anti-ghosting




RK Royal Kludge RK918 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you’re a gamer, add this keyboard to your wishlist! It’s a powerful full-sized accessory with a lot to offer in terms of performance. It’s equipped with brown switches, making it perfect for double-taps and quick key commands. Not only that, but the keyboard uses N-key rollover technology. It ensures that every key you press is registered.

This model doesn’t disappoint when it comes to style. There’s a full backlight system with 18 RGB modes. The perimeter is surrounded by lights as well.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Full-sized keyboard with 108 keys
  • Cherry MX Brown switches
  • RGB backlight and sidelight
  • Doubleshot keycaps
  • N-key rollover




RK Royal Kludge RK987 Mechanical Keyboard

Don’t let the simple design of this keyboard fool you. It’s packing plenty of great features to improve your workflow and overall gaming experience. The first is Cherry MX red switches. They’re very responsive, which adds a new layer to your game.

We also like the macro recording system. You can use keystrokes like Fn+P to perform complicated game maneuvers in one swift move. Or, you can use the macros for productivity apps. Whatever the case may be, this keyboard supports up to 32 different macros.

Key Features and Specs:

  • 87 keys
  • 17 LED backlight modes
  • Cherry MX Red switches
  • Macro recording
  • Wired and wireless operation




RK Royal Kludge RK61 Ultra-Compact Bluetooth Keyboard

Despite its compact size, this keyboard is great for gaming on the go. At only 11.5 inches wide, it fits into most backpacks without any issues. Yet, the keyboard is equipped with most of the necessary keys you need to play. This includes a full set of arrow keys and some function keys.

When it comes to aesthetics, this model is relatively simple. There isn’t a full RGB lighting system. Instead, simple blue LEDs are used. Luckily, RK Royal Kludge lets you adjust the brightness with a few keystrokes.

Key Features and Specs:

  • 61 keys
  • Very tactile Cherry MX Blue switches
  • High-capacity rechargeable battery
  • Blue LED backlighting
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comes with Micro USB cable




RK Royal Kludge RK71 Blue Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

This Bluetooth keyboard is very feature-rich. Not only can you connect to multiple devices using a low-latency Bluetooth connection, but you can effortlessly switch between those devices. To ensure that you have full compatibility, the keyboard has distinct keys for both Windows and Mac computers. The functionality will depend entirely on what device you’re using.

Like most RK Royal Kludge devices, this unit comes with a full RGB backlight system. As always, it can be personalized to suit your style.

Key Features and Specs:

  • TKL keyboard with 71 keys
  • Cherry MX Red switches
  • Work with Windows and Mac computers
  • RGB backlighting
  • Macro system
  • Can be used wired or wirelessly




RK Royal Kludge RK61 Pro RGB Programmable Keyboard

While all RK Royal Kludge keyboards are built to last, this model takes things to a new level. The case is made out of an aluminum alloy metal. It’s tough, sleek, and beautifully designed. It looks great with the RGB LED backlights.

To accompany that durable case, the brand uses PBT material for the keycaps. Doubleshot molding keeps the symbols intact through years of use.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Compact keyboard with 61 keys
  • RGB backlighting
  • PBT doubleshot keycaps
  • USB Type-C connection
  • Can connect to 5 devices at once
  • Available with Brown, Red, and Blue Cherry MX switches

RK Royal Kludge is a brand that deserves your attention. The company offers a wide collection of gamer-focused keyboards with all the fun features you would ever need. Whether your top priority is tactile response and impeccable performance or good looks to spice up your playing space, you’re sure to find something you’ll love.