Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pad Reviews – 2020 Edition

Wireless charging is nothing new in the tech world. Smartphones have used the technology for several years now, eliminating the need to run pesky wires everywhere. These charging systems are becoming so popular that you can see them being integrated into furniture, cars, and more. One of the most innovative applications of wireless charging to pop up in recent years is the wireless charging mouse pad. Wireless mice give you the chance to navigate your computer untethered. They do wonders to reduce clutter and reform very well for gaming.

The downsides? Wireless mice tend to be clunky and unreliable due to their use of traditional batteries. Most use standard AA batteries. Others require you to constantly charge them with a USB cable, which renders them useless.

A solid wireless charging mouse pad eliminates those problems. They can keep your mouse charged up by transmitting power even when you’re using them.

These mouse pads aren’t as widespread yet, but there are several great options on the market. One simple upgrade to these high-tech devices can revolutionize the way you work and play.


What is a Wireless Charing Mouse Pad?

Wireless charging mouse pads are unique accessories that are designed to work with wireless mice. At face value, they look like standard flat pads. The surfaces are usually coated with a smooth material that makes gliding your mouse a breeze.

Because laser mice are quickly becoming the norm, most also take advantage of an opaque material to ensure that tracking is unaffected.

Despite the simple designs, these mouse pads are hiding a lot of high-tech circuitry. This circuitry works to transmit power without the use of wires. While wireless charging is still limited in terms of reach, that’s isn’t an issue when you’re working with mice.

The pads do double-duty. They’re a safe and practical surface for you to use your mouse comfortably. As you move over the charging zone, the technology underneath works to keep your device constantly charged. There’s no need to worry about low power issues or having to remember to plug your mouse in. It’s as easy as that!


How Do They Work?

Wireless charging is made possible thanks to electromagnetic induction. A big part of that circuitry inside the mouse pad is an induction coil. When plugged into a power source itself, the induction coil creates an alternating electromagnetic field.

This electromagnetic field interacts with a receiver coil inside your mouse. It’s the receiver coil’s job to turn that electromagnetic field back into usable electricity, which is then fed to the rechargeable battery.

It’s a relatively simple concept. Contrary to popular belief, this type of technology has been used for quite some time, albeit on a much smaller scale. You might have already used a simpler version of the technology with an electric toothbrush or power tool.


Is a Wireless Charging Mouse Pad Safe to Use?

For the most part, wireless charging is completely safe to practice. The charging system is relatively low-powered. Plus, the surface area is contained and small. The electromagnetic field created by these pads is comparable to your home wi-fi network.

Since wireless charging has become so popular with mobile devices, the industry is heavily regulated. There are only a couple of charging standards available and every device has to comply with FCC rules.

Furthermore, most manufacturers go above and beyond to ensure that no issues can occur. For example, sealed systems with no access to the charging elements are pretty common. They keep the critical components protected from accidental spills or physical damage.

Excess heat may be an issue you have to deal with. Mice can get pretty warm due to all the energy that’s being transferred. However, that’s more of a design issue with your mouse rather than the charging mouse pad.


What Features Can You Expect?

These desk accessories aren’t like your average mouse pad. They’re filled with some useful features that can help you make the most out of your wireless mouse. Here are some features you can expect.

Charging Compatibility

There are a couple of different wireless charging protocols used. These include Qi and PMA. Both protocols work to achieve the same results. However, they go about the process a bit differently. The main distinction between the two protocols is the wavelengths used.

PMA devices operate at much higher frequencies that Qi devices. Thus, you cannot use a Qi device with a PMA charger or vice versa.

While these two protocols were head-to-head in the early stages of wireless induction charging, one has become the preferred protocol.

Qi wireless charging is, by far, the most common protocol used. It’s used by both Apple and Samsung for their smartphone devices. As such, it’s pretty much become the standard. Some of the first phones to adopt the Qi standard were the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy. Since then, it’s been used by a ton of brands. There are PMA devices still being used. However, a vast majority of the mouse charging pads you see out there will only work with Qi-compatible mice.

Multi-Functional Use

Thanks to the prevalence of Qi-enabled devices, many mouse pads can be used to charge much more than just your mouse! The standard allows you to charge your smartphone, tablet, or even headphones. As long as it is Qi-compatible, it should work with your mouse.

Smooth and Durable Surfaces

While they can be used to charge many different electronics, a wireless charging mouse pad still designed with mice in mind. Thus, most are going to be considerably larger than traditional charging pads. They offer enough surface area for you to use your mouse comfortably.

When it comes to the texture of the device, you have a couple of different options. Most providers will provide you with both soft and hard surfaces to match your preferences. Regardless of the finish you choose, you shouldn’t have any issues gliding your mouse over it.

Underfoot Stability

The bottom of wireless charging mouse pads are made to be as stable as possible. While they are traditionally used on desks, having a rubber base provides the stability you need to work or game comfortably. The rubber sticks to the desk surface, ensuring that your pad doesn’t slide everywhere.

Power Cords and Adapters

Finally, most charing mouse pads come with all of the extras you need to provide power. This includes a charging adapter that regulates voltage and a USB cable to deliver power from your outlet.

The type of USB connection a mouse pad uses varies from brand to brand. Some use a newer USB Type-C connection while others still stick with micro USB connections. Typically, the USB port is located on the back and will have some type of LED light to let you know when power is being transferred.


Why Buy a Wireless Charging Mouse Pad?

If you have a compatible wireless mouse, these devices are a must-have. They eliminate all of the major complaints that people have with wireless mice. They take care of the charging process automatically. So, no more dealing with batteries or low power levels.

Ultimately, they can add loads of efficiency to your setup. Wireless charging mouse pads will keep your gadgets juiced up so that you can focus on your work or game.


Wireless Charging Mouse Pad Reviews

Corsair mm1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

The Cossair mouse pad is a Qi-compatible device with a lot to offer. Not only can you use it with any Qi-enabled mouse, but you can also charge other devices. The charging area is off to the side, allowing you to charge devices while still using the mouse.

This pad comes with a unique USB micro-B charger and several adapters. There’s a Lighting connector and USB Type-C connector to turn any device into one that can be charged wirelessly. Just plug in the adapter into the charging port and place it over the charging zone.

The mouse pad has a durable finish. The top is covered in plastic with a low-friction texture. On the bottom, there’s a non-slip rubber base for added stability.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Qi-compatible
  • Comes with device adapters
  • USB 3.0 pass-through port
  • Low-friction hard surface
  • Measures 13.7 inches by 10.2 inches



Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System

Logitech is no stranger to PC peripherals for gamers. This charging mouse pad is specifically designed to work with several of the brand’s gaming mice. However, it does come with a Powercore module. You can attach this module to the bottom of compatible mice so that they can take advantage of wireless charging.

One thing that sets this charging pad apart from others is that the charging zone covers the entire surface area. Rather than having a single spot where charging occurs, power will transfer anywhere. Thus, you can continue using it while you charge.

Logitech includes a soft cloth mat that you can use with the pad. Alternatively, you can stick with the hard surface that the device comes with. Either way, charging power is not affected in any way.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Works with compatible Logitech gaming mice
  • Comes with Powercore module
  • Entire surface charges mice
  • Includes soft-surface mat
  • About 12.6 inches wide by 10.8 inches long




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ENHANCE PowerUP Wireless Charging Gaming Mouse Pad

The charging pad from ENHANCE is a unique option that can cover a large portion of your desk. This isn’t a small pad that’s reserved just for your mouse. You can set your entire keyboard or laptop onto the accessory.

It’s covered in smooth neoprene fabric. This reduces friction on the mouse, ensuring that you have a smooth experience at all times. As if that weren’t enough, there’s also some light padding inside to keep your hands, wrists, and elbows comfortable.

The charging zone is located on the top left corner. Just place your mouse or smartphone in the charging zone to initiate the process. LED indicator lights are built right in so that you always know the status of the charge.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Qi-enabled
  • Measures 31 inches by 15.7 inches
  • Reinforced stitching around the perimeter
  • LED indicator display
  • Compatible with fast charging



ASUS ROG Balteus Qi Vertical Gaming Mouse Pad

From ASUS is this stylish charging mouse pad. It has some unique features that will make it look right at home on your desk. The first is the LED lighting system. RGB lights can be found on the perimeter of the mouse pad. When on, the lights will cast colorful light on the surface of your desk. You can set it to match your tower, keyboard, or headset.

The mouse pad is vertically orientated. The surface is covered in hard plastic with low-friction texture. On the upper right corner is the charging zone. Just place your device on the Qi symbol and it will start charging automatically.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Measures 12.6 inches by 14.6 inches
  • Low-friction texture
  • USB pass-through port
  • Built-in RGB lighting
  • Works with any Qi-compatible device



SIGNO 10W Wireless Charger Extended Mouse Pad

This device from Signo is perfect for gamers who need plenty of space. It’s over 30 inches wide! The entire surface is covered in a smooth fiber-braided material. Not only is it soft and cozy on your hands, but it helps your mouse glide smoothly.

The charging zone is attached to the pad at the upper left corner. It can be used to charge your mouse, an iPhone X, or any compatible Android device.

As an added perk, the pad has an LED lighting system. It cycles through 7 different colors to create a cool light show as you play.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Measures 31.6 inches wide by 11.8 inches tall
  • LED lights with multiple settings
  • Micro-textured surface
  • Anti-slip base
  • Qi-compatible



Fast Wireless Charger Mouse Pad

Checkout this sleek wireless charging pad from JCREN. It’s covered in beautiful PU leather that’s designed to mimic natural wood. The surface is smooth enough to work with laser mice without any issues.

The charing pad is Qi-enabled and will work with any compatible mobile phone. It even supports fast lighting Qi. It does not come with a power adapter, so you will need to provide your own. However, it does have a standard USB cable.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Approximately 11.8 inches wide by 8.6 inches tall
  • Non-slip base
  • PU leather surface
  • Qi-compatible
  • LED indicator light
  • Supports fast charging



TOPSTYLE 10W Wireless Charger Extended Glowing Mouse Pad

Have wireless power at your desk at all times with this unit from TOPSTYLE. It’s an ultra-wide mouse pad that you can use to cover your entire desk. Place your keyboard on top and use the extra space for your mouse. When you need to charge your cell phone or mouse, just place it on the Qi charging zone in the corner.

The pad is quite thick, adding loads of comfort to your desk. It’s also covered in textured cloth for a smooth mouse experience. Around the perimeter of the pad, you’ll find LED lights that cycle through 7 different colors.

Key Features and Specs:

  • 33.5 inches wide and 11.8 inches tall
  • About 4.5 millimeters thick
  • Qi-compatible
  • 7-color LED light system
  • Textured cloth surface



POUT HANDS3 PRO Qi Fast Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

If you’re looking for a sleek and minimalist appearance, this wireless charging mouse pad may be for you. It’s covered in smooth PU leather. There aren’t any LED lights or complex patterns. Instead, it’s completely smooth. The only things on the surface of the pad are a groove for your pencil and a small engraved pattern to indicate where the charging zone is.

The pad supports 10-watt fast charging and is compatible with all Qi devices. It’s available in several different colors, all with the same smooth finish.

Key Features and Specs:

  • About 13.6 inches wide and 8.9 inches tall
  • Qi-certified
  • PU leather surface
  • Minimalist design
  • Supports fast charging
  • Pencil holder



MOJO Wireless Charger Mousepad

From MOJO is this beautifully designed mouse pad. It’s a hefty accessory with a large surface area to work on. The entire unit is covered in texturized plastic, making it ideal for laser mice.

RGB lights around the edge of the pad shine colorful lights onto your work surface. One cool feature we appreciate is the touch controls for the lighting system. They’re located directly on the surface of the pad for easy access.

The charging element is in the upper left corner of the pad. It’s qi-compatible and also supports quick charge capabilities.

Key Features and Specs:

  • Measures 14 inches wide by 10 tall
  • Qi-compatible
  • RGB LED lighting
  • Hard textured surface
  • Support quick charge




Whether you’re a gamer, graphic designer, video editor, or anyone else who spends a ton of time on the computer, a wireless charging mouse pad is a worthy investment to consider. These gadgets add tons of functionality to your desk.

Not only can you keep your mouse charged up, but the charging zone is there to add some juice to any compatible device. They look great and provide a practical purpose that you’ll take advantage of time and time again.