A Massive Collection Of Cool Customized Keyboards

Hardcore keyboard enthusiasts love nothing better than to customize their own keyboards. From crazy color schemes, funky moulded key caps to custom wrist rests and lighting, there’s just no limit to their imagination when it comes to making their mechanical keyboards unique and striking. Some like to customize to fit the niche of a particular game or brand, where as others customize for functionality, adding symbolic keys or ergonomic features to make typing easier. There are so many things you can do to a keyboard but some take the game to a whole new level.  I have listed the best customized keyboards that I could find on the internet, which will no doubt help you to gain inspiration to create your own awesome custom keyboard designs.
















Some of these custom keyboards are simply epic, showing a fantastic range of what you can do with a bit of time, some creativity and some cool custom keycaps. Turning the normal and mundane into something spectacular. The great thing about customization, is that you can turn a cheap keyboard into something that looks amazing, a neon boasting spectacle full of retro glory. You can even monetise your hobby if your really good and sell them if you’re good enough.

If you’d like to give it a try, or think you can do better, first off think about what you want it for, looks or function. Then grab yourself a simple keyboard to customize (plenty of cheap ones on Amazon), some keycaps or LED backlighting, and some basic tools.

To be the best though, you need a little knowledge in electronics, particularly if you are adding lights or sound effects. These keyboards are an example of what you can do not only with the right parts and vision, but with a little skill that, with a bit of dedication and commitment is easy to obtain.