The Ideal Gift For Those Who Love Mechanical Keyboards A Bit Too Much

We all know someone who has a slightly odd like or love for a certain someone or something. You may have a friend who has a weird fetish for ceramic pigs or an auntie who collects Elvis themed tea towels. Well I was browsing through the other day and found the perfect gift for all those mechanical keyboard geeks that love nothing better than running their fingers across their Cherry Blue MX switches all day, everyday.

It’s none other than a…..


Crazy Dogs T-Shirts Escape Key Tee

Programmers and anyone who uses a computer will get a kick out of this funny t-shirt. It features a cute image of a computer keyboard on the front with the escape key on the move as it “escapes” from that board. Though the shirt is only available in white, it comes in sizes that range from small up to 5XL. As it runs true to size, you won’t have any problem picking the right size. Perfect for wearing at home and anywhere else you go, the shirt is machine washable for convenient cleaning at home. As the maker screenprints the design on the front, it will last through dozens of washes.


Ctrl + Alt + Eat

Apparently this Keyboard Waffle Iron is really easy to use and even a complete idiot in the kitchen can make a tasty keyboard waffle. Here’s how to make a keyboard waffle

1. Pre-heat The Keyboard Waffle Iron on your cooker hob,stove or grill. You will need to lightly coat the waffle mould with a non-stick cooking spray, just so it doesn’t burn and stick to your waffle maker.

2. Pour in your waffle batter. You can get a decent waffle batter recipe here, or just use a boxed pancake mix.

Close the lid on your keyboard waffle maker and cook the batter for 2-3 minutes.

3. You then need to flip the Keyboard Waffle Iron over so that you can cook the other side. Do this for an additional 1-2 minutes.

4. Devour your keyboard waffle before anyone can see your sick fetish.


Check this Typewriter Keyboard Waffle Maker!!!



I’ve been looking all over the internet for this model, but I think it might be a bespoke / handmade waffle maker.
If anyone knows where I can get one, please leave a comment with the details as I’d love to have this one!!!